What happens after death?

What is death ?Is there life after death ?Is death painful?What happens after death ?How does rebirth happen ?Where do we go after death ?These kind of questions related to the most feared event that ends our life always fill our mind, especially when any of our near or dear ones die.We feel that suddenly the relationship has broken abruptly n wish there could be a connection again. In this quest, our journey to find answers to the above questions begin ...*So, what happens after death ?*Death is actually a very interesting process !!*Disconnection of the earth sole chakras*Approximately 4-5 hours before death, the earth sole chakras situated below the feet gets detached ... symbolizing disconnection from the earth plane !!A few hours before an individual dies, their feet turn cold. When the actual time to depart arrives, its said that Yama, the God of death appears to guide the soul.*The Astral Cord*Death severs the astral cord, which is the connection of the soul to the body. Once t…

Coconut oil for Alzheimer's disease

In the United States, an estimated 5.4 million people have been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. This figure is growing rapidly with the ageing population.

One of them was Steve Newport. His wife, Mary Newport, was a doctor. Dr. Mary learned that her husband had severe Alzheimer's disease.

When the doctor examined her husband at the hospital, he asked Steve to paint a clock. Instead, he drew a few circles and then drew a few figures without any logic. It was not like a clock at all!.

The doctor pulled her aside and said: "Your husband is already on the verge of severe Alzheimer's disease!"

It turned out that it was a test of whether a person had Alzheimer's disease. Dr. Mary was very upset at that time, but as a doctor, she would not just give up. She began to study the disease. She found out Alzheimers disease was associated to glucose deficiency to the brain.

Her research says: "The dementia of the elderly is like having diabetes in the head ! Befo…

Kill cancer with hot lemon water

The subject is very important Please post the message on the largest number of your acquaintances:"Pieces of lemon in a glass of hot water can save you for the rest of your life," says Professor Chen Horin, chief executive of the Beijing Military Hospital.Even if you are busy, you should look at this message and pass it on to others!Hot lemons can kill cancer cells!Cut the lemon into three pieces and place it in a cup, then pour hot water, it will become (alkaline water), drink it every day will certainly benefit everyone ..Hot lemons can once again release an anti-cancer drug.Hot lemon juice has an effect on cancerous tumors andhas shown treatment for all types of cancer.Treatment with this extract will only destroy the malignant cells and will not affect healthy cells.Second: The acids and mono-carboxylic acid in lemon juice can regulate hypertension and protect narrow arteries, adjust blood circulation and reduce blood clotting.After reading, tell someone else and pass it…


*'Ra'* means *'light'*, *'Ma'* means *'within me'*, *'in my heart'*.
*Rama* means the *Light Within Me*..*Rama* was born to *Dasharatha & Kousalya*.*Dasharath* means  *10 Chariots*..
The ten chariots symbolize the *5 sense organs*( *Gnanendriya*) & *5 organs of action*( *Karmendriya* ) ..*Kousalya* means  *Skill* ..*The skillful rider of the 10 chariots can give birth to Ram*..When the 10 chariots are used skillfully, *Radiance* is born within..*Rama* was born in *Ayodhya*.
*Ayodhya* means *a place where no war can happen*..When There Is No Conflict In Our Mind, Then The Radiance Can Dawn..The *Ramayana* is not just a story which happened long ago..
It has a *philosophical*, *spiritual significance* and a *deep truth* in it..It is said that the *Ramayana is happening in our Own Body*.Our *Soul* is *Rama*,
Our *Mind* is *Sita*,
Our *Breath* or *Life-Force* ( *Prana*) is *Hanuman*,
Our *Awareness* is *Laxmana* and
Our *Ego* is *R…

spiritual or religious practice fights depression

*According to a new study, spiritual or religious practice may fight off depression and keep other illness at bay.*If you are a religious or a spiritual person and pray every day, there is now proof that you might be doing your brain and body a huge favour. *According to a new study spiritual or religious practice may fight off depression – particularly in people who are predisposed to the disease – by thickening the brain cortex.*The study conducted by *Lisa Miller, professor and director of Clinical Psychology and director of the Spirituality Mind Body Institute at Teachers College, Columbia University*, included 103 people who were at a high risk of depression. Their level of risk was based on their family history.On mapping their brain activity and structure using an MRI, Lisa found that people who valued their religion more and regularly prayed had thicker cortices when compared to those who did not. The thinning of the cortice, especially in certain areas of the brain is an indi…

You are what you think

In the movie Taare Zameen Par
The art teacher tells the rude and cursing father of the dyslexic kid about the Solomon Islands...

In those islands, the tribal don’t cut down a tree. They surround the tree and curse it for hours every day..

Within a few weeks, the tree
dries up and becomes dead..

Many of us might find that example too difficult to believe. How can intangible and invisible thoughts and words kill a tree.!

Well, if you get to read Bruce H. Lipton’s THE BIOLOGY OF BELIEF, you won’t only believe in the Solomon Islands story, but would also think a dozen times before saying something demoralizing to yourself and the people you love...

In this book, Mr Lipton tells in detail about the power of conscious and subconscious mind..

The subconscious mind is million times more powerful than the conscious mind and decides most of the things in our lives according to the beliefs it has..

Many times we fail to change an unpleasant habit despite our will-power and consistent efforts..

Master Choa Kok Sui - When I Leave Do I Leave?

(Master Choa Kok Sui's Conversation with a Disciple) It was a time, when my Spiritual Teacher, Master Choa Kok Sui, the one
I have loved most and followed in this lifetime, took in some of the
negative karma of his disciples unto his body. I saw him then as a man
whose weight of the world was heavy on his shoulder. I was afraid for him and my heart was listless. As usual, that afternoon, he walked and as usual I followed one step
behind him. "What is bothering you?" he asked me. I dare not ask the question, but he prodded me. I then asked "When you
leave Master, what will become of me?" He took a deep pause, and rephrased my question."When I leave, do I leave?" He noticed tears are about to swell in my eyes. "Take heart. Pull back your tears," he reproached me gently. "Look at me." You cry and your heart is heavy for you think I will leave you? I will never leave you. We have a covenant to serve together. Do you