14 Great Tips for Improving How You Digest Life : by Louise Hay

These are a list of tips that you can follow to be kind to yourself, love yourself more, and learn to feel safe. Pick one thing that feels good to you from the list below and practice it each day.

👉Continue your mirror work and affirmations.

👉Kiss your hand and say, “I love you.”

👉Hug yourself.

👉Tell your body how much you love it—when you look in the mirror, as you walk around during the day, as you exercise, or anytime you think of your body. Tell your body how grateful you are for how it supports you, how strong your legs are as they carry you from place to place. Pick something to appreciate, and tell your body how much you love it.

👉Eat mindfully and stop multitasking. When you sit down to a meal, turn off the TV and stay away from your phone and computer. Sit in a quiet place, and focus only on your food and the sensory experience you are having. Give love to the food and your body as you eat. Truly enjoy your food! If you’re stressed, take time to breathe deeply and relax before eating, so that your body calms down and can digest your food.

👉Fill your environment with things that connect you with the feeling of love. Write affirmations and post them on your computer, on the refrigerator, on your bathroom mirror, or in your car. Have keepsakes that you love in places where you want to be reminded to be kind to yourself.

👉Choose to stop engaging with media that is violent or reinforces negative thoughts. Turn off the news, stop reading women’s magazines that focus on weight and perfection, and choose movies and TV shows that make you feel uplifted.

👉Spend more time with friends who support you in making loving changes in your life, and spend less time with friends who are not supportive of your new habits.

👉Practice trusting Life to take care of you. If you are afraid of something, repeat: All is well. Everything is working out for my highest good. Out of this situation, only good will come. I am safe. Say this as often as you need to feel more comfortable and safe.

👉Keep in mind that you are responsible only for yourself. Some people take responsibility for the stress, health conditions, and upset emotions experienced by their spouse, kids, extended family, friends, clients, co-workers, and anyone they care about. If you take in the stress and upset from others, it can have a negative effect on your own stress levels and health. You are essentially taking responsibility for their stress. Practice loving them instead of taking on their stress and burdens. You can do this by sending them a loving affirmation, such as, I lovingly release this energy. They are free and I am free. All is well in my heart now. Allow yourself to release the energetic stress and trust that the energy of love is the most healing of all.

    👉Ask Life for help. If you are feeling stressed or upset, notice whether you’re pushing to accomplish something. Move from pushing to allowing. Ask Life to help you make it happen, and focus on allowing it to be easy.

 👉 Keep a gratitude journal. Since what you focus on expands, write down all of the wonderful things that happened in your day and the things you are grateful for. Remember, one can have gratitude for seemingly small things, too, like a cat purring, a dog wagging its tail, a child’s smile, clean bed sheets, the healthy meal you had, a good book, and so on. If you do this each day, you can capture all the proof that Life loves you, which can help eliminate doubt. Also, you get to choose what you focus on, and gratitude is a very healing emotion that is so good for your body.

   👉 Feed yourself love instead of misery. Throughout your day, ask what you’re feeding yourself. If you notice that you’re feeding yourself misery, shift into feeding yourself love with nourishing foods and positive, loving thoughts.

👉Move from suffering to simplicity. Instead of choosing the harder approach, ask yourself how you can make things easier on yourself. Make it a game to find out how you can keep things simple and easy.⁠⁠⁠⁠


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