Master Choa Kok Sui - When I Leave Do I Leave?

(Master Choa Kok Sui's Conversation with a Disciple)

It was a time, when my Spiritual Teacher, Master Choa Kok Sui, the one
I have loved most and followed in this lifetime, took in some of the
negative karma of his disciples unto his body. I saw him then as a man
whose weight of the world was heavy on his shoulder.

I was afraid for him and my heart was listless.

As usual, that afternoon, he walked and as usual I followed one step
behind him.

"What is bothering you?" he asked me.

I dare not ask the question, but he prodded me. I then asked "When you
leave Master, what will become of me?"

He took a deep pause, and rephrased my question.

"When I leave, do I leave?"

He noticed tears are about to swell in my eyes.

"Take heart. Pull back your tears," he reproached me gently.

"Look at me."

You cry and your heart is heavy for you think I will leave you?

I will never leave you. We have a covenant to serve together. Do you

He waved his hand and commanded.

"Still your mind. And let there be peace in your heart."

"Look in front of your life. My essence is in the many books I have
made you read, study and learn. My thoughts are there. They are not
ordinary thoughts but ideas of great power for my true essences are
there. These ideas will outlive many. And those who have studied my
ever-living principles will remember them again when they come in the
futurity of time. Know that I have left myself in the teachings I have
shared with you.

My life is in the books you cradle. My love and friendship is in the
happy memories we shared. My heart is there - in the many moments we
laughed and served. Forget this not.

Now, let me ask you a question.

You have walked with me but have you really known me?

How have you known me in your life?

Yes, as a Spiritual Teacher and Master Healer? An Arhatic Yogi? A
Visionary? A Wish Fulfiller? Or a Friend? "Let me tell you something,"
and he touched my back heart like a gentle pause. My heart swooned
with sweet bliss.

"I am more than you can imagine, for like all spiritual teachers, I am
a bearer of many great spiritual secrets."

Today, that your heart will be lighter, let me share with you a secret
that you may no longer be lonely.

This secret I have revealed to some of my disciples. And to those who
have ears: let their hearts discern the truth.

The Master Choa Kok Sui that you know of is an initiate of High Order.
I came to raise myself up a degree higher and years back, I was able
to do so.

The secret lies in the higher levels of Arhatic Yoga of which I
practice. This is one reason why my Great Teacher Lord Boddhisatva Mei
Ling is an immortal.

Listen and listen carefully and remember my words for they are true.

The Physical Spiritual Teacher or Sat Guru does not leave. He is
always there.

His embodiment is a choice. My embodiment is a personal choice. It is
a shell that the Spiritual Teacher and Sat Guru willingly leaves when
he meditates. I leave my body when I come unto my Silence and go where
you cannot come. With closed or opened eyes, I can leave my body at
will. It is a choice for me to leave and come.

The physical body is a vehicle of service. It is just one of the
bodies I use to serve. But I AM not the body. Have I not taught you
this? You are not your body. You are a Soul and Spirit.


Like all Physical Spiritual Teachers and Sat Gurus, when they drop
their body of illusion, their Presence becomes more powerful than

It is because the physical body is a limitation though it is a vehicle
taken so that men will understand.

The life of the Physical Spiritual Teacher and Sat Guru is ever
continuous, with or without form.

My powers are great though embodied in form yet they are greater when
this Soul is not in physical embodiment.

I can be anywhere with the speed of thought.

My influences are far reaching, deeper and more penetrating more than

My Spiritual Essence is freer to do its purpose.

And remember this too, and remember this well:

"Like in the physical form, I overshadow many disciples and students
at the same time. Yet I can overshadow many of my incarnated and non-
incarnated disciples and workers more, when the embodiment is not
there, for the physical veil is gone."

I give Higher Teachings to many in and out of the body. My Love is
encompassing. It is inclusive and not exclusive to just one.

Remember this: the Soul of the Physical Spiritual Teacher and Sat Guru
leaves the body at will even when in physical incarnation. He comes
back to it because it is his choice.

Have I not been with you in your many nightly sojourns? Have I not
appeared to many in my body form? Have I not answered others in their
pleadings for help though I am not there in body? How many have seen
me in their meditations? Did not blessings come when one sincerely ask
for it? How many have received healings with a whisper of the Name. It
comes to one and it comes
to many.

You must believe.

I will always be there for you. I will always be there for those who
ask for my help and for my Teachings.

A Physical Spiritual Teacher or Sat Guru teaches for it is one of His
Service. He heals because of His love. He brings Light because he
wants men to come into the Greater Love.

I have overshadowed many and it will continue to be so. Embodied or
not. My Presence will always be there. If you love learning, knowledge
will always be there for you.

I know you love learning. Then it will come to you and for many others
as well. It is not only for one person.

And listen to this too: I have many others disciples you have not met.
My Shakti is not diminished when shared by many and is not lessened by

Thus remember and do these: Persevere to keep my Teachings in your
Heart. Share it with purity and show it with your life. Continue my
work. This is my Decree to you.

Transform yourself into a better human being.

Be honorable. And forget not the virtues. You must practice and

And he made me promise that afternoon: that I will keep to his
Teachings and persevere.

And walk His Path a bit longer.

The way he did…..


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