Secret of the Steel Glass that kept Kejriwal Alive

How could he survive fast for 10 days in spite of being a badly managed diabetic patient?

Dr. Rakesh Parekh writes, "I went to the cabin where Arvind was put up. We both were alone in the room. I informed him about the low potassium levels and the risk involved. Then I argued – Anna has already declared that fast ends tomorrow, we are going for a political alternative. But tonight your life is at risk for no reason. If you consume some coconut water, your potassium would remain normal. Consuming coconut water wont break your fast."

His response was 

Dr Parikh, we are not alone in this room. Almighty is there and I cant cheat. Anna has said that i will end the fast tomorrow and that’s it. Whatever the consequence be, be it sensible or not, I wont take anything by mouth till an announcement is made by Anna tomorrow..

A very touching blog post written by Dr. Rakesh Parekh -


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