The Universe Inside The Brain - Ahmed Hulusi

Transcript copied from youtube:
Hello dear inquisitive brains that contemplative and research.
50 years ago today,
on the 13th of September 1963.
I had commenced my research on these topics.
Who am I?
What is existence?
What is the essence of existence and myself?
It was a time in my life when I was seeking
answers to my endless questions.
Yet I did not believe in anything.
I had to start somewhere,
so I started on this date.
During this time,
I left no area unquestioned and unsearched,
and I applied all the necessary practices
of this knowledge in my own life.
I always wondered,
what is the essence of existence?
What exactly is this thing called ‘I’?
On which plane of existence does life continue?
Is there life after death?
What is my place in the universe?
What are the ‘worlds’?
Where do the deceased go?
Is there life in space?
Do Aliens visit us?
I researched all of this.
And now I would like to share my results
in light of the latest scientific findings.
I hope you will find it beneficial.
Of course we’re going to conduct this
investigation using our brain.
The brain is the mother of all topics.
Whatever the quest may be,
the brain is our sole key to solving it.
Therefore, no one can get anywhere without
first understanding the brain.
They’ll only delude themselves
in their own delusional world.
It all begins with a thorough understanding of the brain.
The brain is the be-all and end-all.
The existence called ‘man’ is the brain.
But not the flesh brain as we know it.
Generally the majorty of people conceive the brain
as the walnut looking thing inside the skull.
Is the flesh brain the real thing?
Is what we call the brain the flesh brain?
Let me try to explain it like this.
Lets say I have a pair of magic glasses.
When I press a button on it
I’m able to magnify things a hundred thousand times,
a million times, a billion times.
So let me put my magic glasses on
and explain to you what I’m seeing:
Here’s the brain.
The flesh brain as we know it.
As you can see,
this is what we define as the flesh brain.
We say this brain can think, see, feel,
perceive but of course it does all of this
via the organs such as the eyes, ears, etc.
Now my magic glasses is going to magnify this.
After the magnification, suddenly the flesh brain
has become a neuron brain.
Oh! Yes...
It’s composed of neurons
and electrical currents, connected with signals.
This is a neuron brain.
Without my glasses I was seeing this as a piece of flesh
but now it’s a grouping of neurons.
Magic glasses, magnify a little more please.
The neurons have now turned into atoms,
I’m now amongst atoms
and my body is composed of atoms.
When I looked with naked eyes
I was seeing myself as flesh and bones,
now it’s a body of atoms.
Magic glasses, please magnify a little more…
Existence has now become a Quantum Brain.
I have now lost my body.
I’m now only a bunch of thoughts and data.
At the quantum level I no longer have a body
or any other structure.
I’m now living only as thoughts and information.
Thank you magic glasses.
A truth has become apparent.
What we call the material dimension is no other
than what we call the quantum dimension.
And what we call the quantum dimension
is no other than the material dimension.
There is no difference between the dimension of matter,
the dimension of atoms, and the quantum dimension.
It’s all one and the same.
A single existence.
Whether you call it matter, or cellular,
or atomic or quantum,
it’s all one and the same.
It’s all a single existence comprised of data,
information, and knowledge.
What we call the brain,
which is also comprised of data,
defines and labels existence
by evaluating the data it receives
according to its already existing database.
Quantum information is evaluated with the quantum brain.
But according to the information the brain receives.
Thus existence is one and whole.
Because existence is a single whole,
there are no parallel universes
or non-parallel universes,
or other dimensions.
All of it is one form, one existence.
But the brain defines and labels things
according to the rays and waves it receives,
and creates a world based on these.
So based on this truth,
views such as Pantheism, Atheism, and Monotheism
has become completely obsolete.
Therefore, oh apologies!
Where did the deceased go?
They didn’t go anywhere.
They are where they are.
Ok question, well
you may be thinking the thing we call the
flesh brain is going to deteriorate with death.
The idea of the flesh brain may.
But the actual flesh brain can’t deteriorate
because the essence of the flesh brain is the quantum brain.
The brain that currently exists and perceives
existence and consists of a database
is preserved in the quantum brain as is.
Therefore, there is no such thing as death.
There is no such thing as non-existence.
Every brain, every consciousness
will continue to live indefinitely.
And so the deceased are also amongst us.
What you call the aliens, and all other forms
that you are unable to perceive,
all of it is a part of this single existence.
But because the brain can’t evaluate the waves
coming from them we can’t decode them.
As for the data that is received by the brain,
aah my eyes, my pupils…
My pupils imprison me.
While my pupils allow me to see all of this,
it restricts me to only this much
and leads me to make incorrect judgments
and deny innumerous forms of existence.
The brain...
The brain goes by the wavelengths it receives via the eyes,
which is only between the range of
4 in ten thousand to 7 in ten thousand of a cm
But with what am I seeing the universe?
With my pupils.
The telescopes I’m using to see the
infinite universe always shows me only 4 to
7 in ten thousand of a cm of what’s actually out there.
So what’s happening to the infinite range of wavelengths
and the data and information comprising them
that are less than 4 in ten thousand of a cm
and more than 7 in ten thousand of a cm?
What happened
I don’t know!
The eyes have been formed and
created to perceive only this much.
The innumerous wavelengths outside this range
are also being transmitted to brains
via eyes that can perceive them,
therefore there also brains that can
perceive beings that possess the knowledge
composed of those wavelengths.
That is,
existence comprises information and data,
and ‘data-brains’ and ‘quantum-brains’
that evaluate this information and data.
So what is my idea of the universe?
What is yours?
The solar system we see in movies
and the galaxy called the Milky Way
to which this solar system belongs,
and the 30 odd galaxies around it,
and all of these galaxies along with our galaxy comprises some
place in another greater group of galaxies, and apparently the
Andromeda Galaxy is coming towards us
and another new galaxy has been discovered
and apparently we’re being engulfed by it and billions
of other galaxies and so on and so forth…
So we claim to see the universe.
The universe we see is the data universe
comprised of wavelengths between 4-7 in
ten thousand of a cm received and transmitted to
our brain via our eyes.
We have no idea of the reality of the universe.
Let me give a simple example.
Think of a wall made of steel.
Imagine I’ve opened a 3 cm wide slot in it,
and placed an elephant behind it.
Such that the elephant’s
tummy is right behind the slot.
You look through the slot,
and based on what you can see
you claim an elephant is a cube like object.
But if I open other slots and you look through
them too, your perception of an elephant is
going to become something totally different.
As now you’re going to see its trunk,
its wispy tail, its column like legs and fan like ears…
This is similar to our perception of the universe.
Just like perceiving the elephant’s tummy through a tiny slot
we imagine the universe to be comprised of the galaxies
we perceive based on wavelengths
between 4-7 thousand angstroms.
If we could perceive it through wavelengths outside this range
this universe will change form completely,
so much so we would no longer be talking about this universe.
Yes the galaxies will still be there,
but will they be like what we perceive them today?
What will happen to the infinite space between the galaxies,
the white matter, and dark matter,
black holes and white holes?
Where will they go?
Or, how will we perceive them?
There are countless beings and life forms there too.
There are centers of perception,
or brains among them as well.
As many as the data,
information and life forms there are in existence,
there are life forms that can perceive them.
In essence, existence is all about data perceiving data.
The brain is also essentially a data pack.
What we call the brain is a structure composed of data/information.
So the brain that exists now, is going to continue to exist
just the same after the event called death.
The only difference is that
the perception of flesh and matter
due to the eyes is going to end.
This is going to be replaced by another concept,
but the brain is going to preserve its existence.
Consciousness is going to continue its existence just the same,
and nothing is going to be lost in the brain,
life is going to continue just the same.
Though we think we’re
living within the universe, on earth,
there exists a completely different reality.
So where is all of this taking place?
Am I really seeing the universe outside?
This is the biggest trap of the eye, or the brain.
The wavelengths, lights,
things that comprise what you define to be an image,
goes through your pupils,
and is decoded in your brain to form the illusion of an image.
Hence, you and I are always living inside our brains.
Our brain is our world.
Inside this world we are each living in our own world.
Everything is transpiring in your own world.
How? Simple!
During your sleep, you have a dream.
Do you see the dream on a screen?
Do you see it through a window?
You see it inside your brain.
Just like you see a dream in your brain,
everything you see is the result of the wavelengths
between 4-7 in ten thousand
that reach your brain via your eyes,
and you visualize them in your brain.
Realize this truth.
Your entire life is taking place in your brain.
In the past they called this hologram world
in one’s brain the realm of the grave.
That is, even now you’re in the realm of the grave,
only difference is your connection to the material world,
your conception of matter, is going to end,
but you’re going to continue living in the realm of the grave,
your holographic world for some time,
because when the eyes become obsolete
and the perception of matter ends,
the dimension of time is going to change.
When the dimension of time changes
you’re going to start perceiving the rays and ray forms,
earth forms are going to disappear,
and then you’re going to start perceiving the sun
that scatters billions of billions of trillions
of neutrinos as a material object.
Anyway the topic is quite deep,
I don’t wish to confuse you with more.
But know well, the reality of existence,
the universe, and the essence of yourself
is far different to what you’ve imagined until now.
You must re-evaluate and re-construct
all of your thoughts and conceptions
on the foundation of scientific realities once again.
If you do this,
you will realize your essence and what your reality is,
you will see how your brain controls you,
whilst you think you are controlling your brain.
In fact your brain makes all decisions
6 seconds before you become aware of them
and you instantly take ownership of these decisions.
Only after you become aware of an action
do you claim you’re that you’re doing this or that,
or that you’re thinking of one thing or another.
This has been scientifically proven.
Then it is imperative that you renew yourself,
pop your delusional balloon
and step into the world of reality.
Renew yourself!
Become renewed lest you are removed!
You’re either going to be renewed or removed!
Blessed may be your new world.


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