Acute & Chronic Disease - Pehla Sukh Nirogi Kaya

is that Fever, Loose motions,  rashes on skin ,Cold & cough , sweating is disease....? No, They are our best friends,  natural cleansing system provided by almighty but we consider Fever among them as our worst enemy.

*"Mechanism Behind it"*
All of us might  have noticed that whenever there is energy produced there is always a by product which we called waste or Toxic. For ex Car burning fuel produces energy , which emits Carbon dioxide & carbon monoxide ( These are dangerous) , what about if we block the silencer....😫😫 , our car will break down , engine will seize or some parts will damage & if still we keep accelerating race then it will be total damage with many parts out of work. So same happening with us

*"How same mechanism effecting Us"*
We have more than 3 trillion cells, these each cells produces energy by what we eat , now we learnt that whenever Energy produced there is by product also & here also there is byproduct which is called 'Toxics'.

*"Elimination of Toxics"*
Almighty has already made an arrangement to eliminate this by our natural ways .... *"Breathing out & Sweating"* but we used our minds & in the name of comfort,  we installed AC's .... We now do not sweat also we have shallow breathing because of millions of Vehicles emitting Carbon dioxide. What will Almighty do now, since he loved us so much that he doesn't want us to be killed

*"Solution from Almighty"*
Now to rescue & burn toxic comes fever - We developed Loose motions - We developed Atenuiqol ( Khakhi goli  ), rashes on skin - we developed tablets for skin disease, Now God so merciful we started vomiting - we developed Perinorm .....Every time Almighty helping but we rejected his help.....Now comes *"Diabetes"* *"Thyroid"* *"Arthritis"*, *"Obesity"* Bla bla. ( we wanted something permanent disease.... Now finally Comes *" Cancer"*...( This is same as total damage of Car)

*"Solution "*

1) Never ever take medicine for fever or stop unless it is 103 Fareiheit, if increases then take hot Foot bath , keep drinking water on regular interval & apply wet towel at abdomen. Trust me it works faster than medicine, fever will come down very fast.
2)  For loose motions keep taking water & in between Mixture of Sugar & Salt ( Rock salt)
3) In case of Indigestion take Hot & Cold tub bath .
Sitz bath is also very useful .

You will be healed Soon ....Antibiotic takes 5-7 days but it will heal with in 2-3 days.
So allow *" Fever, Loose motions, sweating, Vomiting, rashes"* if you allow in mild , it will never advance to Chronic stage or very high . if you allow fever at 100/101 at first stage , it will never reach 104/105 or above. There are many chronic disease caused by simply pacifying Fever.


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