Shankh Mudra – for relieving throat / speech ailments

Shankh Mudra resembles Conch shell. Conch Shell is traditionally used in Hindu temples for worship. Conch Shell is blown to create pure sound vibrations.
Shankh Mudra in a similar way helps those with speech and throat ailments. Shankh mudra helps by clearing the throat. It relieves stammering. It gives a quality to your speech by restoring the pitch and resonance.
It also balances the Thyroxine secretion from Thyroid gland. However, the use of Shankh Mudra should be limited to 10-15 minutes as when needed. Never do this mudra after taking your meals.
Encircle your left thumb with the four fingers of your right hand. Touch the right thumb to the extended middle finger of your left hand. The two hands should look like a conch shell.
Practice japa of OM while doing Shankh mudra with an affirmation in your mind
“My voice is sweet like honey. I sing like a morning bird. I am calm, I speak sense.”
[4/10, 5:12 PM] ‪+91 93124 03400‬: Maintain this formation with your hands at chest level and keep your eyes closed for as much time as you wish to.
6) Chant ‘Om’ several times. Then listen the echo within yourself.
[4/10, 5:12 PM] ‪+91 93124 03400‬: .If you ever get throat infection during chilly or rainy weather, then use shankh mudra to get rid of throat infe
[4/10, 5:12 PM] ‪+91 93124 03400‬: Perform it 3 times a day for 15 minutes as part of treatment. or do it as often as you want.However, it can be performed for longer periods if necessary such as in case of high fever or allergies.
[4/10, 5:12 PM] ‪+91 93124 03400‬: When thumb which represent fire, is encircled by the fingers of other hand, on the other side thumb is joined with the index finger, this increases the air element in the body. So shankh mudra reduces the pitta effect and increases the vatta and kapha humors in the body.
[4/10, 5:12 PM] ‪+91 93124 03400‬: This is performed by interlocking the eight fingers and bringing in contact the two upward-pointing thumbs.
[4/10, 5:12 PM] ‪+91 93124 03400‬: There is a simplified version of shankh mudra. This is called ‘Sahaj shankha mudra.
[4/10, 5:12 PM] ‪+91 93124 03400‬: Beneficial in lowering the fever.
7)Since it reduces the pitta humor, so helpful when burning in the body-parts.(Also Read about Surbhi Mudra for balancing the doshas)
8) Beneficial in any kind of weakness or paralysis of muscles.
9) Drive away any allergic disorders, especially skin- rashes.( Read – Prithivi Mudra for Physical Strenght)
[4/10, 5:13 PM] ‪+91 93124 03400‬: People with Vatta and kapha dominant humor should perform this mudra in moderation, since it increase both of these elements in the body.


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