Using Law of Attraction to combat heat in summer

The law of attraction is like a giant photocopying machine, giving back to us exactly what we are thinking and feeling.
Remember that we cannot think good thoughts and feel bad, because our feelings are the result of our thoughts...
What are we saying these days in the month of March-April? I realised we have been affirming the same . We all are saying...
" Kitni Garmi badh gayi hai"
" Kitni Garmi Ho RAhi hai"
" it's so hot now a days"
And whatever we affirm the universe responds and regardless of what we have said.
We are using so much of emotions in saying....
Unknowingly we have been putting
Thoughts + Emotions times frequency  becomes the belief and all the beliefs do give us the result.
And the result is heat.
*Its natural and normal response we have been habituated with*
Question is are we liking the results we are getting.
To get new and different results we need to do something different.
Now the questions come
Can we do it?
How can we?
Is it really possible where as the fact is it is so hot. ( see I again affirmed )
Let's use what we learnt and speak what we want to create- ABRACADABRA.
When ever you feel like saying it's too hot change it to.....
"*_the weather is exactly what it should be in this season"_*
" *_the weather is now getting better and better"_*
" *_the earth is being a better place to live in"_*
" *_forgive us dear Mother Earth for the trouble we have given you, forgive us"(send healing energies to Mother Earth)_*
" *_the sun is kind enough with all of us"_*
Make your own affirmations,
Only take care it should be *SHORT, POSITIVE,PRESENT TENSE.*
With hope we heal the world by one person at a time


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