How to traverse the spiritual Path

(Abbas Ali asked Meher Baba how he could traverse the spiritual Path)

Baba: Think of me every day for five minutes only, at any time of the day. Of course the best time would be at five in the morning, when I remain almost everywhere. This little beginning of a mere five minutes will also be your first step on the spiritual Path. Once you get interested in and attuned to the thought of God, you will have a constant urge to think of him for a certain period every day. It is sincere thought that I want. No amount of prayer and chanting would be of any value if done as a ritual. These five minutes of thought, meditation or concentration on God or the Master are a thousand times better than any prayer. God wants love, pure sincere love. He does not want to hear bombastic, jaw-breaking words and shlokas from the shastras and passages from the Avesta...

Take one name sincerely, lovingly, devotedly for a few minutes without the thought of anything else, and that is worth more than hours of mechanical prayers... Instead of wasting your time on religious discussions, reading and listening to doctrines and dogmas of different religions, love God and think of God. Meditation, concentration, and the creation of a feeling of love in the heart are the essence and substance of all religions. All else is illusion.

      ❤           ❤            ❤

7 February 1928, Meherabad, BG p1-3


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