➡Step 1: Click on the link https://bitcoingrowthfund.com/referral/refer/grvglg

➡Step 2: Click on REGISTER button when the link opens

➡Step 3: Fill up the details: Name, genuine Email, Phone number with code, UserName (as you wish), 8 digit password and click on SIGN UP.

➡Step 4: You will get a notification that an email has been sent to your Email Id.

➡Step 5: Check your email to click on Verify your Email. Check your spam folder in case you do not see the email in your inbox.

➡Step 6: Clicking on the Email link will take you to your account in bitcoingrowthfund page.

➡Step 7: Click on the link Get Verified Now below your name in the dashboard. This opens a new link and click on apply as an Individual.

➡Step 8: Fill in your details on the KYC Page. Please make sure all data in this is true and correct.. It is mandatory to fill all fields marked with Star(*) sign.. Upload either a passport, adhaar card, Voter Id card and Click on Submit on Review.

➡Step 9: On submitting you will see that your status is Verification Under Process in your dashboard under your name.

➡Step 10: Give about 2-4 hours to get your documents verified by the BGF Office. You will get a confirmation email in your registered Email Id.

➡Step 11: Now you are ready to Buy mCAP tokens.

➡Step 12: IN your dashboard click on Invest Now and choose Invest on the first option for Mining and ICO Fund.

➡Step 13 Click on Invest again in the next screen.

➡Step 14: Give your BTC amount for which you want to buy the tokens.. and wait for the QR code to generate. Copy this wallet address and save it to refer it in case you need it later.

➡Step 15: Use your Bitcoin Wallet. Coinbank or Zebpay or any other and chose option to send bitcoins to this address.

➡Step 16: Scan the QR code to send the bitcoins to the address given in the screen.

➡Step 17: Wait for a while on that screen until it says that it has received your payment.

➡Step 18: Give it a few hours to get the transaction verified on blockchain. As soon as it gets verified, it should appear in your BGF account in the dashboard.

➡Step 19: In case you do not see your mcap credited to your account, contact upline.


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