Sattvic Rajasic and Tamasic Foods

You are what you eat. If you are free to live A quiet, contemplative life, a sattvic diet is perfect. For those who wish to maintain A meditative mind but also must live and work in the world, A diet consisting of sattvic and some rajasic food is best. For those who practice demanding disciplines, like Kundalini Yoga or martial arts, rajasic foods are necessary, along with sattvic foods. For all these lifestyles, tamasic food is best avoided.

Sattvic: Clarity and lightness

  • Graceful, peaceful, disciplined, intuitive, sensitive.
  • Most fruit and vegetables, sun foods and ground foods.

Rajasic: Forcefulness and willpower

  • Active, positive, demanding.
  • Stimulating herbs and spices, many earth foods.

Tamasic: Functioning from need and instinct

  • Impulsive, dull, angry, confused.
  • Meat, fish, poultry, eggs, alcohol, intoxicating drugs.



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